“Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

William Shakespeare

I was born in Morocco and raised half in England half in Germany. At the age of 22 I picked up a camera and after absolving an internship at the Pinewood Studios in London, I went on to study at the ICP ( International Center of Photography ) in New York. After various residencies in England, Scotland and Germany, I currently live in Hamburg.

My artistic development arises from an uprooting since I grew up in two worlds.  In no world truly accepted ( in England I was German and vice versa) I started looking at my environment from a different angle. In my early years as a photographer, I depicted people in a disconnected manner from each other and from their surroundings. Later, I removed  these individuals even further by leaving them out completely. The result would be somewhat empty and otherworldly. I had transferred my detachment to my observed environment and in return I was asking about its and my own meaning and existence. 

1996 London / Julie Bramwell Agency, Fashion Photographer
1998 Residency in Cullen/ Scotland Photography Project on Childhood
2001 Reportage in Iraq
2002 @KlausStiegemeyer Photographers , Fashion Photographer, Hamburg
2022 FIU, Free International University, Visual Arts, Hamburg


Elle, Style & the Family Tunes, SZ Magazine, 7th Man, Gala,  GQ, Amica


Mercedes, Valisere, Zero, Rodenstock, New Yorker, Tom Tailor, JOOP!, Belly Button


2010   “Untitled” Friday Rewind, Solo Show @ Play Rent Studios, Hamburg
2017   “Selfie Saints”,  Solo Show, @ Luna Studios Hamburg
2021   “Walk tall and always carry a lightbulb”, Farbwerke M6, Solo Show, Hamburg
2022   “now I can see the moon” Paintings & Sculpture, Solo Show, M6 Galllery
2022   17.06-26.06 Re:Claim Kultur Festival , The Hidden Art Project, Groupexhibition
2022/  10.12.-
2023    14.01.  Anonyme Zeichner ( anonymous drwaings), Juried Groupexhibition,  HYCP Veddel Space

2023   16.02. -19.03. “verLaufen”, Juried Groupexhibition, Xpon-art Gallery, Hamburg
2023.  30.03. -16.03. “Worldwide Solutions ?”, Juried Groupexhibition, qvartr Gallery, Hamburg
2023   13.04. -14.05. “preisGeben”, Juried Groupexhibition, Xpon-art Gallery, Hamburg
2023   03.08. -03.09. “gegenSätze”, Juried Groupexhibition, Xpon-art Gallery, Hamburg
2023   28.09.-29.10.  “Fehle(e)r”, Juried Groupexhibition, Xpon-art Gallery, Hamburg